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We make the process of buying Bitcoin an easy one here at Envi FX. Whether you are buying Bitcoin for the first time or you are a pro; Envi FX takes the guesswork out of the process.

At Envi FX we provide access to a secure wallet to allow traders to deposit, monitor values & withdraw BTC in minutes.

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How Secure
is BTC

Envi FX provides a completely safe environment within which you can trade securely. We only partner with the best liquidity providers in the industry to ensure that our traders can focus exclusively on acing their trading goals.

Buying BTC On Coinbase

Coinbase makes buying Bitcoin simple. Own BTC in minutes and become part of the future of currency.

1. Go to “”.
2. Navigate to the top right & click “Get Started”.
3. Fill out a quick registration form.
4. Login & click the settings tab.
5. Now it’s time to add your payment source to purchase your Bitcoin, to do this click linked accounts.

6. Click “link a new account” & choose the type of payment source you would like to use.
7. Next, you will need to select the amount in USD that would like to invest and this will convert to BTC.

Making a BTC Deposit on Envi FX

Now you have bought BTC on Coinbase you are ready to deposit via Bitcoin on Envi FX. Follow our simple steps below:

1. Login to your Envi FX trading account and navigate to “deposit” & fill out the quick form.
2. Firstly select the Wallet of your choice e.g. USD $20.00, select type e.g. BTC and finally enter your deposit amount.
3. Hit redirect to the deposit page and wait a few seconds. This will bring you to the deposit page where you will find a BTC address or QR code that is required on Coinbase for BTC to be funded to your Envi FX account.

4. Once you have pasted the BTC address into Coinbase hit “continue” and this will submit the withdraw from Coinbase.
5. It will usually be a 1-3 hour wait before you receive all 6 confirmations required to complete the purchase.
6. You will have 15minutes to initiate the withdrawal from your Coinbase account, once this is done the funds will be sent to your Envi FX wallet.

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