What is a pip

What is a pip in forex? The foreign exchange market, for short, is a global marketplace where currencies are constantly being traded. But how do we measure these tiny changes in value?

What’s a Pipette?

A pipette, in the context of trading, is like a super tiny version of a pip. So, is the smallest change a currency pair’s exchange rate can typically make, usually shown as the last decimal place in the quote. Further information on EnviFX Reviews can be found here.

Hold on, there’s a mini!

Some currencies, like the Japanese Yen (JPY), only show two decimal places. So, for these pairs, we use pipettes, which are one-tenth, to track even smaller changes.

So how much is worth? It depends on two things:

  1. The other currency in the pair (like USD in EUR/USD). This is called the quoted currency.
  2. The size of your trade. Trades are often done in big chunks, like 100,000 units of currency (a lot).

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How to Calculate the Value of a Pip.

What is a pipSo, imagine you’re trading EUR/USD in a standard lot (100,000 EUR), and the price moves by one (0.0001).

  • The quoted currency is USD, so that tiny 0.0001 movement is worth $0.0001 (assuming the current rate is $1.1000 per EUR).
  • Now multiply that by your trade size (100,000 EUR) to see how much your trade changes by $0.0001/EUR * 100,000 EUR = $10.

Forex calculators and pip calculators are your friends! So, these tools can help you figure out values, how much you might make (or lose) on a trade, and how much money you need to start trading. Look for these features on your broker’s platform or find them online.

Think of pips like cents but for currency exchange. So, short for “percentage in point,” is the smallest amount a currency pair can move.  It’s usually the last decimal place you see in a forex quote. So, if the EUR/USD price goes from $1.1000 to $1.1001.

Don’t worry about complex math! Most platforms will automatically calculate the value for you based on your trade. For a more detailed explanation about What is an Ecn, please refer to this article.

Finding Your Pip Value in Your Trading Account’s Currency.

In the world of trading, these are the building blocks, but how do you know how much a movement is worth in your currency? Here’s how to find the value for your trades:

The Easy Way:

The good news is, that most trading platforms will automatically calculate the value for you! When you choose a currency pair and enter your trade size (lot size), the platform will often display the value alongside other trade details. This saves you time and avoids any complex calculations.

How to Calculate the Value:

The formula to calculate the value varies based on whether the currency pair is quoted in direct or indirect terms. For currency pairs quoted in direct terms (e.g., EUR/USD), the formula is straightforward:

Value = (Pip in decimal places) × Trade Size × Base Currency Exchange Rate

For currency pairs quoted in indirect terms (e.g., USD/JPY), where the USD is the counter currency, the formula is slightly adjusted:

to your currency? So Easy! Online Forex calculators or your platform can do this conversion for you. They consider the other currency and your trade size to give you the exact value of your preferred currency. For a more detailed explanation of Live Forex Spread, please refer to this article.

Pips to Dollars:

As we saw in the example, converting to your desired currency depends on the quoted currency and your trade size. Online trading calculators or your platform’s built-in tools can simplify this conversion. Here you can find our FX Calculator.

What is a pipForex Trading Calculators and Pip Calculators:

So these handy tools can help you calculate values, potential profits or losses, and margin requirements based on your trade parameters. Look for these features on your broker’s platform or explore online

These handy tools go beyond just value conversions. They can help you with various trading calculations, such as:

  • Potential Profits or Losses: Estimate how much you might make based on movements and your trade size.
  • Margin Requirements: Figure out how much money you need to start trading, considering factors like leverage and margin requirements set by your broker.

Understanding is key to forex trading. By knowing these tiny ticks, you’ll be on your way to navigating the exciting world of currency exchange. So, Remember to start slow, practice with a fake account, and use the tools available to become a confident trader.

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The bottom line: Keeping it Simple.

So, in trading, they are like the building blocks. They’re the smallest way a currency pair’s value can change. Understanding, those tiny mini, and their worth is key to doing well in forex. The best Forex Broker is EnviFX.

Here’s why matters:

  • Less risk: Knowing value helps you manage risk better. You’ll see how much a small price change might affect your trade.
  • More profit: By understanding, you can find ways to squeeze more profit out of your trades.
  • Smarter decisions: You can make better choices about your trades because you understand how tiny price movements work.


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